Geophysical Equipment & Survey

GEOTECH offers geophysical equipment and surveys for various industries, for construction and reconstruction, for mapping utility networks, building and inspecting highways and railways, for helping the militaryand police, for archeological purposes, etc.
    The Geotech Research Center conducts geophysical surveys, supplies geophysical equipment such as OKO-3 GPRs, LAKKOLIT X-M4 Digital Multichannel Seismic Stations, DELTA-03 Seismic Signal Recorders, IDS-2 Pile Testing Devices and electrical exploration equipment.

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GPR technologies in the road industry

Maintaining highways in good working order requires timely and efficient types of repair work. Based on the diagnostic results, a full range of quantitative characteristics of road sections is obtained:...

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Archaeology Applications for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

The excavation method traditionally used in archeology in most cases leads to the destruction of the archaeological site. For archaeologists, remote sensing methods are preferable. They do not require direct...

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Experimental and methodological work with the underwater antenna Nautilus

We continue to work on the development of the direction of underwater GPR. The goal is to develop a methodology for inspecting hydraulic structures using the OKO-3 Nautilus underwater antenna...

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Concrete NDT Inspection

The construction of modern facilities and their further operation are often faced with the solution of rather complex engineering problems associated with the conditions of interaction between the structure and...

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Our company provides implementation, warranty and post-warranty service support of manufacturing range of geophysical equipment.


The reputation of “LogisGeotech” has been built on responsibilities to the clients for support and service maintenance of sold equipment.

Development / Manufacturing

We is the leader of “OKO”-type GPR production, as well as seismic-acoustic and electro-investigating equipment in Russian Federation.