Developing / Manufacturing

Geophysical equipment production and development

SC “LogisGeotech” is the leader of “OKO”-type GPR production, as well as seismic-acoustic and electro-investigating equipment in Russian Federation.

First “OKO” GPR system was released in 1989. Nowadays our company offers a diverse list of equipment and accessories, designed for operator’s work automation and simplification.

Our company provides mass-produced equipment with complete set of engineering documentation and necessary certificates. Each device runs through the whole cycle of acceptance test procedures, including climatic test and mechanical test for vibration and impact resistance.

Our company practices and develops management system of ISO 9001 quality level.


Equipment development for security services

The company also develops and produces equipment designed for security provision, mainly radars which detect people behind the barriers; explosives, contraband enclosures, crypts, caches, etc. Our company provides high-quality service for antiterroristic and searching equipment development. Our products are widely used by Russian Federal Security Service, Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Customs Service, Investigative Committee of Russian Federation, as well as power-wielding agencies of CIS and other foreign countries.

Many of detecting devices produced by SC “LogisGeotech”, e.g. detecting radar “RO-400”, multi-unit mine detector “PPO-2”, depth metal detector “ MG-1”, are put into service of Russian Federal Security Service. Screening equipment “Sound-M” is used by Federal customs Service of Russian Federation.


Assistance on every stage of creation

All customers are assisted not only on the stage of technical design and specification, but also the cooperation continues on the following further stages of software and hardware project development, test equipment and program creation, modeling, production and adjustment of trial prototypes,  engineering and operational documentation working-out, and pilot batch production levels.


Our production facilities

Our production facilities and ability to provide complex components and elements allow SC “LogisGeotech” to perform mass-production of developed equipment according to customer’s desires.

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