IDS-2 is a multichannel system that provides monitoring not only of reinforced-concrete, bored and iron piles, but also of stripe foundations, underground tunnels and a number of other complex structures. The recorder (or a set of < 4 recorders) information collection and processing are operated with a shockproof water-protected tablet PC with Wi-Fi connection.

Providing a load-bearing capacity of the foundation is one of the crucial engineering tasks. Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) is a method developed for operation control overbuilding of new understructures and testing the denseness of the existing ones. This downhole seismic method is based on analyzing the acoustic wave propagation in the pile depth caused by impact. Due to reflections from the pile toe and pile defects, it is possible to determine the denseness and integrity of the pile. SIT allows to locate:

- the pile toe
- considerable inclusions (in size of 10-20% of the pile rad)
- horizontal crack systems
- reinforcing cages
- necking of building areas
- changes in soil layers
- changes in concrete density

Control and data acquisition tablet PC, lp67
Interface WiFi
Maximum distance between detectors and PC, m 100
Power supply Li-Ion removable/rechargeable battery 3,4 A*h
Running time of recorder, hours 17
Running time of the tablet PC, hours 16
Distortion, % 0,01
Preamplifier gains 0,125;1;16;128
Dynamic range, dB 110
Common-mode rejection, dB 110
Attenuation at Nyquist frequency, dB 120
Frequency, Hz 5...2000
Sampling rate, kHz 1...32
Rate meter velocimeter
Weight (4 recorders), kg 5
Weight of a tablet PC, kg 1,3
Weight of a recorder (battery attached),kg 0,28
Size of a recorder in a transport packaging, cm 38*30*36
Size of a recorder, mm 50*148