The GPR-Detector R0-400 is a portable and easy-to use GPR security solution, designed for locating moving people behind reinforced-concrete walls and multi-layer building constructions in real time.The main feature of GPR-Detector is its ability to clearly and effectively define an object through several walls.


Detection of moving people behind reinforced concrete walls 0.6 m thick

Detection of caches

Detection of holes, underground communication passes, hideouts

Detection of contraband criminal disposals, etc

Detection of mine-explosive devises, including caseless ones or those in non-metal cases, placed in building constructions, under roads and railways.

The design features and innovative engineering solutions allow quick application of the device to detect to detect people by movement in real-time operation with:

thick reinforced concrete walls,

multi-layer building constructions.

During scanning the operator can see on the display the signals reflecting from a moving man and can hear sound tone.


GPR RO-400 2D

RO-400 2D provides information about the presence of people behind brick, cement, concrete (including thick reinforced concrete) walls in 2D.


RO-900 is a small, portable device designed to locate people hidden behind reinforced concrete, brick and multi ply walls. The device allows its operators to quickly receive crucial information about location, distance and movement of a given target.

 Detection a moving man  at a distance 10 m behind a reinforced concrete wall up to 0.6 m thick 
 Soil surface survey depth up to 5 m
 Resolution - 0.15 m
 Shielded antenna unit AB-400 M
 Central frequency - 400 MHz
 Dimensions  500 x 290 x 140 mm
 Weight 5.8 kg
 Time of continuous operation with one storage battery - 6 h
 Manufactured on the basis of serial GPR OKO-2
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