Geophysical Equipment & Survey

GEOTECH offers geophysical equipment and surveys for various industries, for construction and reconstruction, for mapping utility networks, building and inspecting highways and railways, for helping the militaryand police, for archeological purposes, etc.
    The Geotech Research Center conducts geophysical surveys, supplies geophysical equipment such as OKO-3 GPRs, LAKKOLIT X-M4 Digital Multichannel Seismic Stations, DELTA-03 Seismic Signal Recorders, IDS-2 Pile Testing Devices and electrical exploration equipment.

company's news

Expedition in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) along the route "Tiksi – Kotelny Island – Tiksi”

The expedition was carried out in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) along the route "Tiksi – Kotelny Island – Tiksi” in February-March of 2017. An approximate route of the expedition...

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Experimental and methodological work with the underwater OKO-3 Nautilus antenna

The OKO-3 Nautilus antenna, with a central frequency of 700 MHz, is designed for the inspection of underwater structures. At this particular site, our specialists surveyed a section of the...

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New GPR OKO‐3 for Underwater Monitoring Released

The new development is the first underwater GPR of the OKO-3 series. The device received its unique properties due to the built-in underwater antenna AB-700M3P. Equipped with a central frequency...

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We are glad to share news from the fields - another Geotech development has expanded the OKO line of GPR. We are talking about the new OKO-3 GPR with the...

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Our company provides implementation, warranty and post-warranty service support of manufacturing range of geophysical equipment.


The reputation of “LogisGeotech” has been built on responsibilities to the clients for support and service maintenance of sold equipment.

Development / Manufacturing

We is the leader of “OKO”-type GPR production, as well as seismic-acoustic and electro-investigating equipment in Russian Federation.