Concrete NDT & Civil engineering

Geophysical works during construction:

Quality control of manufacturing of driven, drilled, needle piles, soil-cement piles and piles manufactured by discharge impulse technique

Quality control of manufacturing of frame fillings of ditches (slurry-wall, impervious screens, diaphragms, etc.)

Quality control of artificial grouting

Quality control of manufacturing of foundation plates

Monitoring of changes of hydrogeological conditions and nature of boil processes near to ditches and constructional excavation

Manufacturing quality control of road carpets

Exploration of trenchless pipe- and cable-laying (horizontal directional drilling, micro-tunneling, piercing, etc.)



Geophysical works during operation of facilities:

Study of probable causes of facility deformations

Search of leakages in water facilities

Study of negative industrial processes


Environmental surveys:

Location of soil massif areas polluted by petroleum products

Determination of thickness of industrial deposits in reservoirs

Determination of industrial flooding nature of facilities


Geophysical works at the stage of engineering geological surveys for a new development together with engineering geological drilling and methods of field soil tests:

Adjustment of engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions of a construction site

Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of in-situ soils

Evaluation of soil corrosion activity and impact of wandering currents on steel structures

Study of negative natural and industrial processes and phenomena (karst and boil, landslides, erosion, flooding, etc.)

Study of influence of industrial dynamic impact on stability of soil massifs

Adjustment of location and condition of utility lines



Monitoring of buildings subjected to influence of future construction:

Condition survey of soil basis, foundations and structural units of buildings subjected to influence of construction

Condition survey of underground constructions (tunnels, collectors, reservoirs, etc.)

Condition survey of road carpets and airport pavements

Evaluation of dynamic impact on land and underground utility lines during consruction works (hammering, vibration, etc.)

Evaluation of industrial impact of development on geological invironment and activation of negative geological processes fnd phenomena, formation of induced physical field (vibratory, temperature and electromagnetic fields)


  • OKO-3 GPR with a control unit

    The OKO-3 GPR is a portable lightweight low-prices system designed for non-destructive environmental monitoring. The OKO-3 GPR includes the control unit and antennas. All antennas are interchangeable and meet the needs of a broad range of applications. The control unit   is...

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  • IDS-1 Pile Testing Device

    The High frequency two‐channel seismic station "IDS-1" is designed for the inspection of metal and reinforced concrete piles to 60 m in length, foundation walls, foundations of road and airport runways, in‐ground walls, bridge piles, and other concrete and stone‐made...

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    LAKKOLIT X-M4 is a digital multichannel engineering seismograph, designed for engineering geological and micro-zonation surveys by refracted wave, seismic refraction and vertical seismic profiling methods. Features •Data rate up to 100 Mb/s •Built-in electronic switchboard •Data recoding and preliminary processing...

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    ERA-MAX equipment is designed for electrical prospecting on any surface   Features •Low-frequency electromagnetic method for measuring resistivity •Operating frequencies: DC, 1.22, 2.44, 4.88, 9.76, 19.52 and 625, 1250, 2500 Hz •Electrical field can be measured by pairs of active...

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    Portable digital electrical exploration system ERP-1 is designed for geophysical survey performed by the following methods •Electrical exploration by DC and AC resistivity method - vertical electric sounding (VES), electric profiling, signal generator, M3, as well as measuring of the...

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