Multichannel seismograph Lakolit-MT is designed primarily for engineering applications and micro-zoning. One of the key advantages of Lakolit-MT is its modular concept, which provides the user with a flexible multi-channel seismic acquisition system. In this system, several telemetry units can be linked with the synchronization unit that controls the seismic system. Each telemetry unit includes a six-channel registration unit and a six-channel seismic cable with geophones.

The Lakolit‐MT is a multichannel seismograph for engineering applications and micro‐zoning surveying.

The Lakolit‐MT provides the user with a flexible multi‐channel seismic acquisition system. In this system, several telemetry units can be linked with the synchronization unit that controls the seismic system. Each telemetry unit includes a six‐channel registration unit and a six‐channel seismic cable with geophones. Using the Lakolit‐MT, a specialist can create and build a surveying system, including 3D data collection.

A laptop/control unit is used to control the seismographs.

The system has a robust casing, allowing it to function perfectly in extreme weather conditions.


a Modular concept

a Robust waterproof metal housing

wireless communication

remote start of recorders and a seismic vibration source simultaneously via radio channel

operation with different synchronization system

high‐quality data registration



a Six‐channel recorder for recording, digitizing and transmission seismic signals from geophones to the control unit or PC. The recorders can be linked with a six‐channel telemetric seismic cable with geophones;

a Control unit or PC for controlling the seismographs' operating modes;

a Synchronizer for:

setting the same frequency for all recorders

charging recorders from battery or external power sources

starting the recording using synchronization channel - connecting the control unit or PC;

a Radio triggering system (consisting of a transmitter and receiver) for remote start of the station synchronized via radio channel at a distance of up to 500 meters;

three or Six‐channel telemetric seismic cable with 2, 5 or 10 meter channel;

vertical and horizontal geophones.


 Channels  6
 Frequency, Hz  0,5 …1000
 Sample rate, Hz  250….4000
 Power consumption (6 channels), W  1,45
 Distortion, %  0,003
 Dynamic range (62 Hz), dB  130
 Preamplifier gains, dB  1, 8, 64
 Noise floor, uV  60
 Crosstalk, dB  -120
 Common Mode Rejection, dB  120
 Data Transmission, mBod  100
 Watertight Integrity  IP67
 Temperature range, C  -40…+70
 Size (length and diameter), mm  232x48               
 Receiver weight of, kg  0, 35



 Embedded battery V, A/h  12, 9
 Power consumption W  1,75
 Embedded Wi-Fi  54
 Ethernet Embedded 100Base-T  100
 Watertight Integrity  IP67
 Temperature range, C  -40...+70
 Size, mm  260x195x108
 Receiver weight of, kg  0,35
 Seismic cable (6 channels)  
 Length, m  13,6
 Weight, kg  1,6
 Seismic cable (3 channels)  
 Length, m  7,6
 Weight, kg  0,86


The Lakkolit-MT is manufactured by the company with ISO-9001 certified quality management system. Warrantee period 12 months. Post-warrantee service. Technical support during service period.

Lakkolit 1.5 Software 2,07 Mb



RadExProPlus is designed for comprehensive processing and interpretation of near-surface on-shore and off-shore seismic, VSP and GPR data under Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista.


Reflection data processing and interpretation

Field quality control (QC) of 2D/3D seismic data

Refraction seismic data processing and interpretation

VSP data processing

GPR data processing and interpretation

RadExPro Plus™ is operating on inexpensive Windows-driven PC's and workstations. Install it onto a notebook and take afield or aboard a research vessel and enjoy all the potential of the full-blown system for seismic processing, interpretation and quality control!


Convenient and easy data input/output allows loading of seismic and GPR data recorded almost in any format either from disk or tape

User-friendly graphical interface enables construction of sophysticated processing flows for batch processing of seismic and GPR data

Exhaustive set of efficient processing and QC procedures

Set of fast interactive tools for seismic and GPR data visualization and analysis

Handy interpreation facilities: horizon picking, seismic sequence attribute analysis, interactive map, well-log data visualization

Flexible trace header management, including mathematical operations with header fields and much more

Special means for visualization and analysis of header field values

Powerful and effective data base which allows storing of seismic data, processing flows, well data, picks, velocity data, grids, etc

Open scalable architecture – if you miss a specific module, you can build it yourself and integrate into the package! (Programmers working in MS Visual C++ will be provided with special User Application Wizard).

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