We are glad to share news from the fields – another Geotech development has expanded the OKO line of GPR. We are talking about the new OKO-3 GPR with the Triton-M deep antenna unit.

OKO-3 is the latest generation of high-performance GPR, providing 3 times faster sounding and improved radarogram quality. The OKO-3 series is used for a wide range of studies. The new radar with the unshielded unit Triton-M has a central frequency of 50/100 MHz and is intended for geophysical surveys under linear objects and engineering structures, as well as for geological work requiring an increase in depth. The main purpose is to carry out GPR surveys on rough terrain and in difficult operating conditions.

The major advantages of Triton-M are its small dimensions due to its collapsible design, as well as ease of assembly. The antenna unit consists of 2 sub-segments that fit into the convenient transport case included in the kit. These segments make it possible to change the central frequency of sounding between 50 MHz and 100 MHz.

Another advantage of the GPR is that its monoblock is equipped with a WI-FI module. This allows you to wirelessly control the OKO-3 from any Android or Windows device.


  • Unshielded antenna unit;
  • Possibility of varying the central frequency of sounding – 50/100MHz;
  • Maximum sounding depth up to 14/18 m;
  • Depth resolution from 0.5 to 1 m;
  • Power consumption – 3.6 W;
  • Collapsible 2-piece construction;
  • Wireless control via WI-Fi from Android / Windows devices.

Study type:

  • Deep studying;
  • Geological exploration;
  • Work in difficult conditions.


  • Geophysical surveys under linear objects and engineering structures.
  • Geological works requiring an increase in depth – surveying on rough terrain and in difficult operating conditions.

The “OKO-3” GPR with the Triton-M antenna unit is available for order. The kit is provided with a warranty of up to two years, as well as post-warranty service.