New GPR OKO‐3 for Underwater Monitoring Released

The new development is the first underwater GPR of the OKO-3 series. The device received its unique properties due to the built-in underwater antenna AB-700M3P. Equipped with a central frequency of 700 MHz, it provides a wide range of possibilities for examining the condition of the underwater part of concrete structures. This development allows to immerse the GPR to a depth of 10 meters and sound concrete up to 2.5 meters.

OKO-3 is the latest generation of high-performance GPRs, providing 3 times faster sounding with improved radarogram quality. And the underwater radar OKO-3 has all these characteristics. Like the standard GPR OKO-3, it is a portable, lightweight and inexpensive system.

The new OKO-3 enables users to monitor the condition of both the underwater and above-water parts of concrete structures from the surface of the water. For example, to explore various defects of reinforced concrete structures, to identify reinforcement, localize waterlogged areas behind concrete, and more. Below are the key technical characteristics of the GPR.


– Underwater shielded antenna unit with a center frequency of 700 MHz;

– Immersion depth in water up to 10 meters;

– Sounding depth of concrete up to 2 meters;

– Topographic referencing via differential GPS;

– Data export to GIS.


– Search and localization of various defects in the underwater and surface parts of reinforced concrete structures;

– Determination of reinforcement, reinforcement pitch, and cover depth;

– Localization of waterlogged areas behind concrete;

– Detection of voids behind lining space.

The GPR, as well as a separate antenna unit AB-700M3P are available for order. Antenna unit AB-700M3P can be installed on any GPR of the OKO-3 series.