Through Wall GPR detector


    APPLICATION: •Detection of moving people behind reinforced concrete walls 0.6 m thick •Detection of caches •Detection of holes, underground communication passes, hideouts •Detection of contraband criminal disposals, etc •Detection of mine-explosive devises, including caseless ones or those in non-metal cases,...

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    GPR RO-400 2D  GPR RO-400 2D provides information about the presence of people behind brick, cement, concrete (including thick reinforced concrete) walls. RO-400 2D can detect objects behind several walls.    Application: •Detection of moving people behind reinforced concrete walls...

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    GPR-DETECTOR RO-900 RO-900 is a small, portable device designed to locate people hidden behind reinforced concrete, brick and multi ply walls. The device allows its operators to quickly receive crucial information about location, distance and movement of a given target. ...

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