The new development is the first underwater GPR of the OKO-3 series. The device received its unique properties due to the built-in underwater antenna AB-700M3P. Equipped with a central frequency of 700 MHz, it provides a wide range of possibilities for examining the condition of the underwater part of concrete structures. This development allows to immerse the GPR to a depth of 10 meters and sound concrete up to 2.5 meters.


– Search and localization of various defects in the underwater and surface parts of reinforced concrete structures;

– Determination of reinforcement, reinforcement pitch, and cover depth;

– Localization of waterlogged areas behind concrete;

– Detection of voids behind lining space.


– Underwater shielded antenna unit with a center frequency of 700 MHz;

– Immersion depth in water up to 10 meters;

– Sounding depth of concrete up to 2 meters;

– Topographic referencing via differential GPS;

– Data export to GIS.