Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar OKO‐3 is a portable, lightweight and inexpensive system designed for non‐destructive environmental monitoring.

The system includes a control unit or a control processing unit and antennas with frequencies from 50 to 2500 MHz. All of these antennas are interchangeable, compatible with the control unit or control processing unit, with a variety of different applications.


High accuracy of GPR data

Compatible with all antennas

Removable rechargeable batteries

Rugged and weather resistant

GPS integration

Several languages option(Russian, English, Chinese)

Synchronization of GPR sounding and videorecording


    APPLICATION: •Detection of moving people behind reinforced concrete walls 0.6 m thick •Detection of caches •Detection of holes, underground communication passes, hideouts •Detection of contraband criminal disposals, etc •Detection of mine-explosive devises, including caseless ones or those in non-metal cases,...

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